Back To Basics


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The Back To Basics System

A Video Workshop on DVD

The most effective and physically interactive back injury prevention video available... period.

Back To Basics has produced a NEW 84 minute video of it's highly effective and much praised interactive workshop that speaker/trainer Sandra McKay has been presenting to companies large and small for nearly 20 years.

Which type of companies will benefit from this video?

Any company whose employees engage in manual materials handling and/or lifting that wishes to reduce costs related to back injuries/sprains/strains.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics survey indicates that back injuries account for roughly twenty percent of all workplace injuries or illness, totaling more than a million workers with back injuries each year.  Of these, four out of five were to the lower back, and three out of four occurred while lifting.  Lifting approaches that teach "Lift with your legs, not your back, etc." are not enough.  Neither are videos that do not give employees an understanding of the basic anatomy and limitations of the spine.  The Back To Basics System outshines all others by putting concepts into laymen's terms, and providing a level of physical interactivity heretofore unseen in an injury prevention video.

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