Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is the Back to Basics program different from others available, such as from our insurance company or the Dept. of Labor and Industries?

A. We charge for ours!! Seriously though, there's some truth to the saying "You get what you pay for". Preventing injuries is all we do. Ours is not a one size fits all program. Our programs are customized not only to the specific needs of each company, but to the exact needs of each workstation within the company. Our unique style of teaching is highly interactive, with an emphasis placed on self-responsibility in reducing workplace injuries. Your employees will learn safer and more comfortable ways to do their jobs.

Q. How do you differ from ergonomics firms?

A. We train employees how to use healthy body movements and how to recognize and respond to potential injury causing situations at their workstations. As with ergonomics, the employee's comfort is the ultimate goal. However, our method makes the employee a very proactive part of bridging the small gap that still exists between man and machine.

Q. We already have a program that teaches to lift with your legs and keep your back straight, that sort of thing. Isn't that enough?

A. No! Time and time again people fail because of these cues. A large percentage of potentially injurious situations have nothing to do with bending your knees, and telling a person to keep their back straight often times teaches them to squat perfectly vertically. Not many situations in the workplace require or allow a perfectly straight posture. Most require that a person lean forward in some manner, therefore, these simple cues are not sufficient.

Q. How important is management support and participation?

The success of this or any other safety program is directly related to the support for it from management. Management should believe in safety, and be willing to physically show their support at the seminars. Follow through is also essential to the success of the program.

Q. We operate around the clock. Does Back To Basics have the flexibility to design a program for us?

A. Not a problem. We can handle odd schedules-days, nights, even weekends!

Q. Can you send me some information on prices for your various services?

Certainly. If you e-mail us we can send you a printed brochure detailing our services and products that lists basic prices. Or you can call us with your specific needs and we can work out the exact price for you. Either way, just press the "CONTACT US" button on the left of the screen or at the bottom of the home page for the information needed to reach us.